Boogielander Build - Part 7 - The Exterior Build Bible

There's Only One Correct Way

An update on the final version of the exterior build... barring the Baja Designs XL Racer Edition to replace the Squadron Sports. My ideal final final version of the build would include a set of custom tuned long travel suspension, the kind that I can tackle whoops and jumps going 70+MPH, but that is a can of worms I am not ready to open just yet.

The goal of the build is always:
-To be able to go up to 70MPH in the desert terrains for long periods of times.
-To be able to tackle mild whoops and jumps continuously for long periods of times.
-To be able to do some mild crawling despite how I am not a big fan of that.
-To be able to do all the above while securely hauling supplies and gears for multi-day off-grid expedition.
-To be able to "live" out of the truck for days, regardless of the weather condition.
-To be comfortable and ride like a king while behind the wheel.

This is the ultimate guide/ cheat sheet to build a truck (with quality parts). This is what you should be copying (and definitely not those big bro-dozer builds). This is the correct way of doing things. All other ways are inferior and therefore, wrong. 

There, I said it. 

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