About us

Currently, due to inflation and increasing costs of business, Jolly Rogue Co. is putting beef jerky on a temporary hold and transitioning to boogie rated products and Boogielander Build. We will be resuming beef jerky once opportunity presents itself in the future. 

Jolly Rogue Co. specializes in handcrafted jerky products.

Jolly Rogue Co. opened its doors as Jolly Rogue Flag Co. as a company that produces rustic American flags to donate to charities that dedicate themselves to help our veterans. As the company evolved, Jolly Rogue Flag Co. started designing and crafting other wooden products to meet the increased demand. Although Jolly Rogue Flag Co. is crafting more than flags now, the name remains to pay tribute to the original mission: to help our American heroes.

In 2021, Jolly Rogue Jerky Co. opened its doors. As an avid off-roader and outdoor enthusiast, Eryck understands that beef jerky is the perfect snack for the road. Soon, he realized that he was spending too much money on buying beef jerky during the second half of 2020, so he decided to make his own to keep the cost down and keep things healthy. As time passed, people around him urged him to sell his beef jerkies so more people can enjoy a healthier and better alternative than the commercially available, and Jolly Rogue Jerky Co. was born. 

Although Jolly Rogue Co. has transformed into a jerky business, we still take requests for woodworking products such as wooden flags, storage boxes, and overlanding drawer systems for trucks and SUVs. 

You can contact Jolly Rogue Co. at 626-708-0619 via text or email at info@jollyrogueco.com.